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Monday, September 27, 2010

Origins free Skincare set ($22.50 value) + Free shipping + Samples!

Yess!! These are the deals I LOVE sharing with you!! Origins is offering an AWESOME deal, FREE skincare starter set ($22.50 value) with ANY skincare purchase + Free shipping + Free sample at checkout! (There are 3 different sets to choose from!)

What to do:
*Go HERE to Origins website & find yourself a skincare item. (The cheapest I found was the $15 Lipcare HERE.)
*Begin checkout
*Use one of these codes at checkout for your free kit!!
Code BRIGHTENERS (Skin Brightening set)
Code PROTECTORS (Skin Protectors set)
Code FIRMERS (skin Firmers set)
*Choose a free sample!!

My final cost for everything = $15 SHIPPED! Yay! Check it out below:

This will make an awesome Christmas gift or Skincare treat for myself.. to top it off they do free gift wrapping :)

Lemme kno if you snag one!!


Dana said...

YES! I just got one! Did the same thing as you...the lip conditioner for my purchase and then I got the Brighteners set! Really excited for this....How did you get away with not paying handling costs?! I had to pay $1.50 or something.... I didn't mind though!

Tiffany (naturesknockout) said...

Yay! Glad you got one!

You had to pay Shipping & handling? You shouldnt have, Its Free with ANY order.. I would call their toll free # and let them know you they charged you for it. It says on their home page at Origins all orders ship free!

Heres the # if you need:

Good luck :)

*Hilary* said...

This is so awesome. Do you recommend any moisturizers from there? I have combination acne-prone skin :( Plus I can't seem to find where they list the ingredients. Thanks so much!

Czeshia said...

love this! Thank you so much for posting coupons it really makes buying myself little treats that much more enjoyable. Have you used Origins before? Do you like them?

Tiffany (naturesknockout) said...

Hillary: I would get something that is for more sensative skin. Origins usually has a good reputation on safe ingredients, although you can never be sure. If you have any questions call their customer service :)

Czeshia: As far as their product quality, everything Ive tried I love! They have great products. Really well formulated. :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get this deal but the shipping was$5.00 so I passed:( Not sure how you guys got free shipping? bummer