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Monday, October 12, 2009

Body Deodorant Super Star Ratings!

IS your deodorant TOXIC?? You tell us....

Lauries Favorite: (mentioned in video above)
Thieves® Dentarome Plus Toothpaste 4 oz

(Yes its true, this is a TOOTHPASTE.. and its in the deodorant section. WHY? Well this just so happens to be our favorite "deodorant"!! A friend recommended we try this toothpaste as deodorant. (This friend is VERY active & he works with heavy machinery & swore by it) Soo we gave it a try & its outstanding! )

Tiffs favorite! (Vanilla Coconut scent)

Crystal Deodorant


Nature's Gate Organics Deodorant, Chamomile & Lemon Verbena

Burts Bees Men

Aubrey Organics - Men's Stock Deodorant Herbal Pine
-More PRODUCTS coming SOON!!-


mommawins said...

Hi guys!

Ok, so I'm studying again on your website and I clicked on this page. The toothpaste you mention above, as a deodorant? Cool! You know I'll try almost anything once! How do we use it as a deodorant though? Thanks for explaining!

:) Mary Beth

chaunceypants said...

I have to tell ya about Soap Walla deodorant. It's the best! It's a cream and it's made in a lady's kitchen in Brooklyn. Shout out to the thoroughest borough! I met her at a farmers' market and she's super nice. You can buy it on her etsy shop: Soap Walla. (Her other stuff is great too... especially her body oil)

Shirin said...

So I have never even thought of a deodorant as being toxic! And it makes so much sense. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I am going to switch to an organic/natural deodorant. Not sure if I am brave enough to try the toothpaste thing yet!! BTW you two have the most amazing chemistry! keep up the good work!!


FallnLove75 said...


I follow you on Youtube, and I really like that you are trying to make people more aware of all the harmful chemicals in products. I was just wondering if you ever tried the Kiss my Face products? I have used their deodorant and it really works.

Anonymous said...

I bought the original Dentarome bc it was a little cheaper. Will it still be effective as a deodorant? I tend to sweat a lot.

Leslie said...

I tried the SoapWalla mentioned and also Thieves Ultra toothpaste. The Soapwalla has a strong ecualyptus smell and did nothing to help wetness. It basically was masking the odor which still seemed to seep through and it seemed to make me sweat even more! Tried Thieves and it WORKS! Best stuff ever!! You only need a little bit and you are dry all day. No smell at all. The smell of the Thieves smells good but you don't really notice the smell on you which is nice. My daughter did not like SoapWalla either. I had her try the Thieves but she wants a flowery smell so I thought we might try the Vanilla stuff you reviewed for her. I'm just happy to find something that really works and doesn't have aluminum in it!

Anonymous said...

SO i found your videos today! And your video about deodorant really hit home with me. Not to be too personal, i just think you guys will find this interesting but i recently found out i have breast fibroctic disease..which is pretty common, it just makes the breasts sore. Well the interesting thing is around "aunt dot" time the first place i get lumps and get really sore in is around my armpits and sometimes it hurts so bad that i cant even touch the lower half of my armpit. I don't know if the deodorant i use irritates the lumps in my breasts closest to my armpits and makes them sore but i am definitely going to do research on it because i use one of the deodorants you were holding in your hands in this video and if changing deodorant would make that soreness go away i would switch in a heart beat. Once again i am sorry if you thought this was to personal it just pushed me to do more research and i really wanted to thank you guys for bringing this to my attention:) and just maybe i added something to your research haha.