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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hair Cleansing Super Star Ratings!


How to get healthy hair
Products used in video:

DermOrganics Shampoo & conditioner & Argan oil

Click to view/purchase DermOrganics Shampoo & conditioner & Argan oil
(DermOrganics is one or our all time FAVORITE Haircare product!)

Giovanni Shampoo & conditioner


Chi Organics Shampoo & Conditioner

Chi Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Treatment Paste

Click to view/purchase CHI Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Conditioner
Dandruff Relief products

Dandruff Relief Shampoo by Jason

Neem Hair Shampoo


Sandra. J said...

I've actually seen these products at Marshall's for about $5 each. I know they could be pretty expensive so I just wanted to share that with u guys. Thankz for the review.

naturesknockout said...

Wow!! $5 each! Thats amazing! Great find :)

Amanda! said...

I'd like to try some of these sometime!

tgetty said...

What shampoo would you use for dandruff? I have had it since I was a child and have found nothing that can help my scalp without damaging my hair. My scalp gets so bad that it actually bleeds

Brittny said...

Oh my goodness i thought i was the only one with tht problem. My head itches so much, sumtimes its unbareable. Plzzz ladies help us!!

-btw i checked ur webpage and u said u were excited about launging something and im taking a guess her but is it your own line of makeup?????

Brittny said...

i am a silly girl the video was still loading when i posted my last post, which btw would b amazing if u guys did :D!!! But ohmygoodness congrats on the Tshirts they are adorable :), just about as adorable as Tiff's puppy dogs :D!!! Keep up the good work, you guys are my idols :) & both of u are absolutly gorgeous :D i told my mama about you laurie, she is always complaining about her face (wrinkles, bags, etc. u know the deal lol). Anywho shes 39 & just had a kiddo a few months ago (omg i love my new baby sis soo much but anywho bk on track lol) she has been noticing and been more frustrated with her apperance. So, i showed her your guys website & laurie shes like those girls are cute, what is her mom like 30? i told her i bet laurie would like to here that & no she isnt and thts when i got her hooked lol xp Thx ladies hopefully we'll have ourseleves a Knockout :D!!

Anonymous said...

The species Argania once covered North Africa and is now endangered and under protection of UNESCO.

Argan oil remains one of the rarest oils in the world due the small and very specific growing areas.

Summer said...

So, which hair protecting spray do you love most?

Anonymous said...

I got my DermOrganic products in the mail today. Yay! I was so excited to try them out and the results were aaaaamazing! My hair is shiny but not greasy, bouncy, and healthy looking. And thats just after one use. I ended up getting the entire line of products (the mousse, sculpting spray, shampoo, masque, and treatment) for about $50 thru amazon. Thanks ladies!

Chepix said...

Hi, maybe you can help me out! I have very greasy and damaged hair and I can't find a shampoo or conditioner that can help me out with this problem.

I was going to try the derm organics line but I don't know if it would help to make it less greasy.


Corinne said...

Hi! Do you recommend the Onesta shampoo and conditioner? I've seen you mention it in your videos but I don't see it on here.