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Friday, September 23, 2011

much requested Pregnancy vlog

If you cant see video go HERE

For links to ALL products & info (toxic ingredients etc) mentioned in video head to our website HERE.

link for free products (like mentioned in the video)


Peace Love and Leener said...

Also good for heartburn, papaya enzyme! :)
I just wrote a blog about interacting with pregnant women recently. People are so funny. You are adorable pregnant. I'm due with baby number two early December so exciting! Congratulations and glad you shared about natural items during pregnancy. It's so important!

The Santini Stew said...

I'm interested in how you are doing cloth diapers. I'm pregnant with my first and am considering doing cloth.

Courtney Baker said...

I've been researching cloth diapers. I've discovered a company in my area that will collect, wash, and replace your cloth diapers each week! Awesome to hear you are getting adventurous.