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Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY upholstery cleaner for mattresses & pillows

As I type im enjoying the pleasant smell of lavender & lemon oil.. yummy!!
Heres a nice concoction for your mattresses & pillows... and/or any other upholstered items you have that may be in need of a quick clean up..

Enough for King bed & 2 pillows:
1/2 cup pure Baking Soda
2-4 drops pure lemon oil (anti-fungal)
2-4 drops pure lavender oil (soothing & cleansing)

Mix ingredients together with a fork and pour small amounts onto pillows & mattress. Allow mixture to sit for about an hour or more and vacuum away with upholstery attachements.

NOTE: To avoid damage or staining, be sure to test a on a small area prior to use.

More of our DIY household recipes go HERE.


Little Mrs. Middleton said...

thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

I've missed you guys! Its been a while since you've last posted but glad to see you still update once in a while :-)

Karly Mittens said...

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Mike John said...

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Carpet Toronto said...

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Stephen said...

Thanks for sharing great tips!