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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HOT! $5 off Physicians Formula coupon!

Yay!! Physicians formula is offering THIS new printable coupon for $5 off ANY Physicians Formula product! The cool thing is you can use this coupon PER item!
So print as many as you wish & save save save!

This picture is what we got today! Total on all these items before savings was about $86 & after coupons we paid a $26!! Thats a savings of $60!! Yay! Enjoy!

NOTE! Please be sure to check ingredients!! NOT ALL of their products are 'natural'.. it can be deceiving! Check out our Ingredient Spy if you have any questions on ingredients.


Shelley Noble said...

You guys are like bottled sunshine!

I could watch you talk about anything all live long day!

You both deserve every great thing coming your way.

I've used the PF eye makeup remover pads and found them the best product I've tried. No oily residue and no heavy feeling after eyes are fully cleaned off.

I also have been loving that same PF shadow palette, thought the colors were especially pretty too. I've been using the pink under my brow (against fashion rules) but it looks so fresh and pretty that way. With a warm taupe in the crease, makes the whole eye look like yummy Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

Does this work if I want to use it at Target?

Anonymous said...

It won"t work anymore. The Physicians Formula Website canceled the coupon.

Anonymous said...

I tried to use the coupons today at Ulta and they would not take them. They told me that I had to have them "directly from the magazine" and I replied that it was an online coupon. How did you guys use them with success?

fantastic said...

how do you know that they cancelled the coupon? i've been using several throughout the week at Rite Aid...I wonder if I would run into these problems at other stores?

Amigurumi Girl said...

woohoo love your videos! thank you for the coupon link. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I just used this coupon yesterday! Target accepted it