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Friday, February 18, 2011

Could something your doing every day, kill you faster? Join our discussion here:

Viewer Sarah recently posted a video response to our "Is your deodorant Toxic?" video..
This is what makes it all worth while for us, if we can help one person make the switch to natural living.
Special Thanks to Sarah, for helping us get the word out!!!

Click HERE to view video if you cant see it embed above.

Purchase this awesome 'Deodorant' HERE-
(Shipping stays $6 if you buy 1 to 10.. so you actually will save money buying in bulk with this)

Our original video on "Is your deodorant Toxic?"
Click HERE to view video if you cant see it embed above.

To view more natural deodorant options we recommend go HERE


Anonymous said...

My deodorant has aluminum. Ugh. Thanks soo much for posting this!! Going to make the switch!! Your girls are awesome!

Seth and Deb said...

I went and grabbed my deodorant, only to find that it had 14% aluminum. I've been using Dove original for 8 years! Ugh....I'm switching too! Thanks!!!!

mommawins said...

I switched to the Thieves when you first put this video up. I love it! It really does what you say it does! Thanks!

Raye said...

Hello Ladies!

I tried the toothpaste as deodorant when I went home to visit my mum for Spring Break. I had a pretty interesting reaction to it. I have super sensitive skin, so it may have just been me. I may be allergic to it, which is what Mum just said to me over Skype as we discuss this...