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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free 1yr magazine subscription/Travel mag

Go HERE to Snag a FREE 1 year subscription to AFAR travel magazine, courtesy of Rewards Gold, just fill out the survey & its yours Free!!

Like I always say, its not necessarily a BEAUTY related magazine, BUT they usually have pictures in adds or people in scenery that sometimes have fun hair & makeup ideas!


Anna Carroll said...

Aww...I really wanted to get this subscription because Iove to travel and live reading travel magazine but I live in Canada so I can't...bummer. I love your YouTube channel however! Great job.

April said...

Oh my! I would love to get this! I just wonder is it safe?

naturesknockout said...

I've gotten a lot of different subscriptions from Rewards Gold without problems. I just give them a "spam" email, so im not spammed. BUt as far as the subscriptions its totally safe~ You dont have to enter credit card info or anything!