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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Favorites PRODUCTS & Their ALL Safe!

Products mentioned & info I missed:

Red Lips, Green Conscience: sephora online
This product has awesome quality! Think about it $5 for 4 pressed shadows with excellent pigment? Awesome deal! The colors aren't to shabby either :)

Lavanilla vanilla fragrance: sephora online.
This fragrance is subtle with a hint of sweet. Its very refreshing. ANd honestly, who doesnt like vanilla? its yummy and instantly thought of tasting great :) It doesnt last all day which is one thing i wish would improve, BUT like I say i the video, its easy to carry around & re-apply.

Terra Firma Gel Mineral bronzer:
This stuff drys within 30 secs of applying, and gives you an even non-orangy finish. its very realisitic & true to color. AWESOME for quick tan on the go. LOVE this stuff!
Snooki tutorial:

Josie Maran permanant marker jive: Sephora online
LOVE this marker. Its lasts about 4 hours without eating etc. The color is vibrant & true.

Tarte eye shadow base: sephora online
I can go on and on with this bad boy. I guess your just gonna havta take my word for it.. its liquid gold.

Korres Eye liners: Sephora online
I LOVE LOVE these liners!! Glide on smoothly & last all day. Really awesome. I believe Sephora is doing a limited edition set a set of 12 or 16 for $30 (each pencil is reg $16.50, so its a bargain!)

Jane be pure mineral Eye liner:
I love this liner, it applies smoothly & doesnt smudge or smear. great gel liner!

EO hand santizer: local health food store/ Walgreens
Doesnt contain Triclosan which has been linked to cancers. This is great for the times you can make it to the sink & need a quick cleanse.

Burts Bee's lip balm:
LOVE my burts! Its amazin!

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