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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

80% off at AGAIN!* has gift certificates to local restaurants that are usually $10 off for $3 or $25 off for $10... But from today (9/08/10 to 9/13/10) there is a special 80% off sale, making the $25 gift certificates $2 and $10 gift certificates .80!! Cant beat that! Use code TOUCHDOWN at checkout.

The nice thing is there are no shipping costs because you print the coupons off right after you purchase them, or you can save them in your account and print them as you need them! (They usually expire within a year)
*Make sure you read the special instructions tho.. there usually is a minimum food purchase prior to using your gift card.. which varies between restaurants!
Any questions? just ask.

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Anonymous said...

so i recently started watching your youtube videos and i LOVE THEM! I'm always looking for something fun and new for hairstyles and that's exactly what i get. I then started looking into your website and liked the rest of your fun stuff, especially the recipies.

My question: you have found so many amazing deals that i've checked out (some) but none are for canada. Do you know any deals in canada?