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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

$150 Zuzu Luxe natural makeup giveaway + guess what we're up to!!

Hey guys!! We're excited to share our newest giveaway!!
$150 worth of makeup from Zuzu Luxe (Ends 7/20)
Watch the video to learn HOW to enter correctly & and be sure to enter :)

Our website link is
If you cant view video above click HERE.


canceled said...

Hey, this looks like a very legit website and everything, i like it!! i hope everything goes well with what your planning to do, bye
-JGAngeLs (youtube)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this blog already, good luck with your project, I'm thinking makeup line. best wishes.

gueris369 (youtube)

Dezerie Gurung said...

I love that all your products are organic. I have just started using it and so far so good. :)

A little birdie told me. said...

I heart you ladies!

Jen said...

I'm leaving a comment here to make sure I am covering all my bases =). On YouTube, I am gidget3880. Thanks for all you do and I hope to meet you guys one dream would be to shadow you on a project. Do you ever do anything like that?

*Melina* said...

I really adore Zuzu and I love your vids... and i really want to win these products!! xoxo Cookie

tgetty said...

Okay... left my comments on the site. Love your videos by the way!

Hmm, so you are spreading the word in a cute way... You are launching a nature's knockout "seal of approval." You have created a unique and cute seal that you can stamp on your favorite products.

Morganaa Mayffair said...

I don't know the zuzu brand but I'm always for trying new safe natural products so yeah \o/

I always say so but it's such a pleasure to see your happy faces, really brightens my day so THANK YOU <3

Ryan and Megan said...

I love love love the website!!! Thanks for all of the great tips and great deals. I'm thinking that you guys are going to start selling cute "Natures Knockout" t-shirts.

KellyMS said...

I Lovvee your website!!

I think it is either an organic clothing line or make up company!

Mica Batula said...

I love your website!
I also love what you guys do.
You guys are an inspiration :)

JessaMac1 said...

you guys are so cute and I check here regularly because of the awesome deals you find! Keep up the fabulous work:o)