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Thursday, June 3, 2010

$85 off Stainless Steel Food Processor

If you dont have a food processor, but thinking of getting one.. heres a great deal for you.

Stainless steel smart power duet food processor is on sale at
Regular Price: $185.00
Sale price: $99.95 + Free shipping

Here are some of our recipes that use a food processor:

Delicious Fudge Recipe (Raw) Good for radiant skin & great health!
If you cant view video go HERE.
To purchase the blendtech go HERE.

Raw Macaroon Cookie Recipe, Healthy, Yummy & great for your skin!!
If you cant view video go HERE
To purchase the blendtech go HERE.


ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

which vita-mix make/model do you have or recommend... that green smoothie was yummy but fo' real, it was so textured b/c my little 30$ smoothie blender just could liquify an orange and the spinich strings were killin me! do you guys LOVE the vitamix and does it totally liquify your green smoothies?? thanks!!! :)

naturesknockout said...

Hey hun!
We started with the Vitamix & have switched to the BlendTech.. The performance is outstanding & the prices are better. It chops pretty much anything! Check out more info on our website at this link:

Enjoy! xxo Tiffany & Laurie

Anonymous said...

PLease Show More Videos on HEalthy Cooking.. I am a mom of 2 always looking for healthy meals and snacks to make 4 my family :)
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