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Thursday, May 6, 2010

On a film set....

Alrighty! I just posted a few deals for ya.. hope you enjoy those!
Hows everyone been? K can I first just say, I love you! All the sweet comments you guys leave us on this blog on youtube on our website on twitter... etc.. they're great! I know, I know.. sounds a little cheesy. But honestly.. the messages you guys leave means so much!
On set yesterday.. I was BORED. Busy, but BORED... you know, the famous 'hurry up & wait game' that you do ALL DAY LONG in the film buisness... ya, we were playing that & it was so fun to check the emails and read all the sweet messages from you. Its always entertaining & uplifting. So, I wanted to say mucho thanks!
Next.. can I just vent? Yesterday.. I worked from 11:45 am to 4am.. what!? who does that? Apparently me. I was so grouchy by the time I got home. It was bad. BUT.. I slept in till 11:30am, so that was nice. I have to work again at 3:30 pm.. so Im sure I wont be home again till 7:30am. Yipes. Can you say OVERTIME? Ya, sometimes thats the.. not-so glamorous side of movie life.. but what can ya do.. gotta keep goin, with a smile.
Anywho.. I got some messages from some of you about wanting to see more pics of the films mom (Laurie: aka partner in crime) & I are on.. unfortunetly mom cant really get pics on the TV series shes working on (shes in Portland working on the TV series Leverage as the department head of hair) and cause of confidentiality & all that fun jazz she cant get pics really, BUT I can on the set Im workin on, soo I snapped a few for ya!
The first pic is just the crew (above) & the second pic is me and my assistant Cynthia waiting for cast to arrive for makeup & hair. (below)

Next week I have 120 extras! WOWZA! Its gonna be insane! Im excited tho.. Im busy hiring extra stylists so we can crank through them all! It will be fun, I will try & get some pics for ya!
Alright, i have to run.. gotta be to work in bit! Love you all & remember:

Be happy, its contagious.
Be thankful, its uplifting.
Be you, its beautiful.
-Tiffers & Laurie (in far away Portland land)

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Wendybob said...

So glad I found your fun fabulous blog! I lOvE the hair tutorials...long hair can get kind of blah and same-old sometimes without some inspiriation...I'll be sporting the cascading braid/flower 'do tomorrow!!!