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Monday, May 3, 2010

Life in the CRAZY lane...

Hey Lovely's!
I have to apologize ahead of time for my lack of posts.. Laurie (AKA mom) has officially made her home away from home in Portland working on the TV series "Leverage" & I am busy busy starting a movie in the mornin.. SOOoo If there aren't as many posts as usual that is why :( I will try my very hardest to get on the computer each night, to see what kind of deals are going strong.
If for any reason you come across a good deal, PLEASE put it in the comments of this post.. for all of our fabulous readers to scope out. It would be greatly appreciated!
You guys are greater than great! Thanks for hangin in there & like I said, I will try to get deals up for you still.. no worries!!! It just may not be as many as usual.
Alrighty! Take care & have a fabulous week!
PS: This pic above is a SMALL Glimpse of what prepping a show takes.. here are a few bags.. Many many more to come :) If you follow me on twitter you may have already seen this pic! :) sorry bout that :)
-Tiffers & Laurie (in faraway Portland land)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff! I know how busy you guys are and just wanted to thank you for still remembering us and always updating! I'll be sure and let you know if I find any great deals. Take care!

Summer said...

hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know I blogged about you guys today! =) Had to show off your amazing talent! Mwa!

Shelley said...

I followed you over from Summer's blog! Love it!