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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fragrance = Toxic?

Yes, its true. I know, I know. When I heard this I cringed. But its very important. So important that I wanted to share this article with you guys cause Im slightly appalled by the ignorance of some fragrance companies.

This news article states:
"We tested 17 top-selling perfumes -- celebrity fragrances, teen body sprays -- and found all of the products had many secret chemicals that weren't listed on labels and many chemicals of concern," says Stacy Malkin, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of health and environmental groups. The coalition commissioned the report."

and continues...
"The products contain an average of 10 allergens each that can trigger headaches, skin rashes asthma attacks. And we also found many of products contain hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to long-term health effects, such as cancer or infertility," Malkin says.

The report says not only are the ingredients kept secret from consumers, but most have never been assessed for safety.

The FDA does not require fragrance manufacturers to disclose the ingredients of synthetic fragrances because these formulas are considered trade secrets. Today, only nine ingredients are prohibited by the FDA for use in cosmetics.

and goes on to say...
Will this report cause consumers to turn up their noses? Reaction is mixed.
"I wouldn't buy any product with chemicals in it," one woman said.

"There's enough chemicals in everything else we do. I'm not giving up the perfume," another woman said.

These quotes were taken directly from this new article, to read entire post go HERE.
Im really curious what everyones thoughts are?
I really don't mean to bash on companies or be negative in any way. But I am passionate about health & safety, and feel its almost come to the point where it is our responsibility to recognize what's going in/on our bodies.

Dont be discouraged, Be empowered! Its important to know there are ALWAYS safe alternatives. You can still smell yummy & be safe doing it! I found a company, that makes natural fragrances (100% natural oils) Im trying them out now, and will be SURE to give you my honest opinion when I review it.

Thanks, Cynthia for sending me this article


Courtney White said...

Thanks for posting this! It seems like there have been a number of these types of articles lately. I just read one about sunscreen too. It's frustrating to not be able to trust what you are buying is safe for our bodies. I have gotten really into pure essential oils and am finding there is so much you can do with them - lotions, sunscreens, body sprays, room fresheners - they benefit the body and you know what is in them because you concoct them yourself!

harmony said...

thanks for posting! i've always stuck to oils, for this very reason.

Cristiane said...

Very interesting, thanks for posting! I'll tell my blog readers too!

And I wait for the fragrance review!


ShopHotPinkDiaries said...

i think major companies' focus is on money signs rather than health and it is absolutely hard to compete with that. i've never been very liberal or extreme, but since learning everything you teach and seeing the reports myself thru skin deep and other reports, i feel like i need to take a stand. B/c i've been the type to just say, "well, if they sell it and everyone's doing it then it's really not that bad" it makes me want to say or do something to help others realize that it's really NOT ok to eat/use that food/product. turning 30 and having 3 young children im more concerned with health and more aware of how terrible diseases and poor health conditions are on the rise that could possibly be avoided by choosing differently than what the major companies have to offer. not gonna lie, it gets me a little fired up! but, like you say and what you stand for, the choice is absolutely ours and we can be empowered by our choices to do the best we can to eat and purchase toxic-free! there are other small companies that care more for the individual than the money in their pocket! It will be those companies that I will support! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Thanks alot for sharing this with everyone. I think this is indeed a very important manner and should not go unnoticed. I will deffinately be telling my family, friends, etc... about this. Theres no telling what they are putting in our products these days. I bet its also the same with our lotions, shampoos, and hair products. You can never be too sure with anything you use, so I as well will be looking forward to your fragrance review. Thank you so much!!!