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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fish-tail braid with a twist~

Heres another fun hair tutorial for ya'll!
Hope you enjoy.. pretty sure there's a little 90's spunk to it.. I dunno tho, you be the judge :)

If you cant see video OR you would like to view it with clickable links to our other braid videos go HERE.


Vicki said...

That's a cute plait. In England they were the thing in the early 90's and you could buy a tool to do it which was a stick with a loop on the end! We called it a "Topsy Tail"!
Vicki xxx

Anonymous said...

Loved your new twist on the old fishtail. Soooo cute!!!! In the post above mine (Vicki) I know exaclty what shes talking about with the stick with a loop on the end. They still sell those I've heard.

tiutiukas said...

Thank you. I do actually have a fishtail braid and I just have looped it. It does look better:)

Morganaa Mayffair said...

Really pretty! Thanks you very much for this tutorial ;-)