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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bare Naked Face tag! No makeup baby!

We were *tagged on youtube to post a video with no makeup on, and tell people how real beauty isn't about bright shadows & cover-up, but whats inside. On youtube, we get tagged quite a bit, this was the first tag we've actually done. The reason I did this one, is because I feel its right on.. Ill explain more in the video. Enjoy! Thanks for watchin :)

If you cant see video click HERE.

If you have a youtube account, I really would love to see a video of your beautiful non made up faces! If you can, please post a video as a response to this! That would mean so much!

Dont have a youtube, maybe your a blogger? Post a picture of yourself and explain the tag & pass it on :)

* A youtube tag is basically where someone posts a video doing something.. and asks you to do it in a video too, and then you tag people, so its never ending.

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