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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mystery Rewards card cash in!

Today is the first of April! You know what that means??? Yes I know, tease the person you love with a mean joke, since you can get away with it today.. BUT thats not what im here to tell ya!

I wanted to actually remind you to go into Victoria's Secret and see what your Mystery Rewards card balance is!! If you are confused, and not quite sure what a Mystery Rewards card is.. We earned cards from Victoria's Secret during the month of March, these cards are worth at least $10, but could be $50, $100 or even up to $500!! Wowza!

So If you have a mystery rewards card, go and see what yours is.. AND let me know what you get! Ill try and film me getting mine cashed in, and we'll see what I get :) So you can see my excitement (Hopefully... :)


Anonymous said...

I had 5 cards and they all had $10
I picked up 4 shirts,2 eye shadows, mascara and 3 lip glosses and spent maybe $15 of my own money so i made out quite well

trying to read small print to c if they were "safe" products without my glasses was a challenge i just hope what i got will be alright.

Anonymous said...

I had one card worth $10. Have not used it just yet, but will try to use it in the store instead of on line so I can get the best deal. Shipping is 5.99, don't want to give more than half my free 10 bucks!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I got the pink 2 for $32 bra multiple for free and left with $15 still on the card. I actually won a $50 secret card!!!