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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Giftcards, makeup & more!

I want to share a website with you, that gives you free things!
Ever heard of Swagbucks? If not, Let me explain, it will be well worth your time...

Swagbucks is like Google, a search engine, BUT Swagbucks PAYS you in points when you search.. You can cash in your swagbuck points for gift cards or prizes, etc. So basically, They pay you to do things you already do!

Bonus: When you refer friends, you can win more bucks. If you are referring friends, it can add up very quickly.

Soo, Heres what you need to do:

Click HERE to sign up for swagbucks (free!) There is a special sign up bonus where you get 3 bucks for joining. Very cool! Swagbucks then will send you an e-mail asking to confirm your account, follow the steps, and when you sign in again you should have 3 swagbucks!!

**Its a good idea to make swagbucks your homepage, or tool bar so you remember. Enjoy your free codes and spread the word to all your friends!

The video below is a makeup tutorial using a palette I earned FREE from Swagbucks ($50 value)

If you cant see video click HERE.


-Lauren said...

I joined swagbucks! Thanks love.

Anonymous said...

awesome...joined it...
thanks !

Anonymous said...

hey i'm already on swagbucks!! it takes awhile to get enough bucks to buy stuff though... and i use swagbucks REALLY often. I dont know how you get them fast enough to get so much free stuff. must be referrals. ALSO HERES A TIP!! search something on swagbucks that you visit EVERY DAY (like youtube?)and then the results list will come up.Make that list your homepage, that way every time you go to use the internet it will count as a search, you can win bucks without even searching anything!