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Thursday, January 21, 2010

$15 off $15 purchase @ The Limited

I love these types of coupons :)

The Limited has a printable coupon for $15 off any in-store purchase of $15 or more (Exp 2/3/10)-Some restrictions do apply-
Im not sure how pricey this store is, but if you're out and about and happen to be near The Limited, take this coupon with you and snoop around to see if you might be able to get yourself a 100% cotton shirt that is priced around $15 to get yourself a FREE item! :)

The reason I say 100% cotton, is because we are all about natural things!!
And remember, if you're wearing a natural fabric... you're less likely to get body odor.


Anonymous said...

Thank you and keep up the great blogging!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

ooo GREAT find!! thanks for sharing!! The Limited is pretty pricey, but they have cute accessories that could be free :) yay! thanks again!

Diane said...

on the coupon, it is the $15 is excluded on accessories. wouldn't that mean the scarf is excluded in this deal?

Naturesknockout said...

Diane: Im not positive if the scarfs would be excluded or not.. maybe. if so you could search for a tank top or shirt priced relatively low. Good thought tho!