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Friday, December 4, 2009

Working Woman!

Laurie did a shoot yesterday, while Tiff held down the fort for Naturesknockout :)
Here are some pics of our fabulous day!!

This is a portion of what we take on film shoots..
believe it or not, this is only for one girl!!

All set up!
Notice the light in the upper left corner of this pic.. keep in mind, lighting is KEY when apply makeup.

Powderin away :)

Full of smiles!

OH and I (Tiffany) got my Tarte Treasure Chest Limited Edition palette in the mail yesterday!!! Wanna know the coolest part, I GOT IT FREE!!($52 value)!! Stay tuned for a video soon, on how to get yourself one free too! Yay!!

Merry early Christmas to me :D

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WendyOMGWar said...

How'd you get it free?!?!