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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Powdering is what we do!! =)

We both worked on different shoots this week! Laurie did a job for Panasonic at an Ice skating rink (Brrrr!!) Here are some pics of our workin life!

I have such a cute mom!!

I Worked for a publishing company. This was a quick snap shot of our shoot. Good Times!

Most important thing: We both love our jobs.. especially when we learn new things! What I learned yesterday: Overcoming your fears will only make you stronger!

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melissa-brad said...

TIFFANY!!! oh my heck, you guys are so dang cute! i didn't know you guys had started this website, i knew over facebook, but not a blog! I Love THIS!!! i have been looking through it all morning. way to go girls!

also, for #5 on the celebrity musts, i guess that it's covering up wrinkles. or zits.